6 Reasons to Book With a Travel Agent

With the rise of apps and websites that make it possible for travelers to book flights and hotels on their own, some have come to the belief that travel agencies are obsolete.  This is untrue. Cruise and World Travel books over $12 million each year by providing services that customers do not have access to on their own.  With its global connections, stellar customer service, and experienced agents, Cruise and World Travel creates more satisfying and less stressful experiences through its ability to provide the following services:


Booking airfare, accommodations, and transportation separately is a pain, and the money can add up.  Travel agents have exclusive access to package deals that are unavailable to travelers that book trips on their own.  Many packages include a combination of airfare, transportation, hotels, restaurants, and activities.  Agents are also able to access room upgrades and discounts on activities and meals that only they have access to.


Group or Cruise Travel

Travel agencies are typically the best way to go when booking cruises or trips for large groups.  Whether the trip is to celebrate a family reunion or a college spring break, travel agents can get the best deals and eliminate the headache that goes along with organizing travel and accommodations for everyone in the party.  Agencies can book private tours before and after cruises as well, in order to make a seafaring adventure more culturally inclined.


Save Time

With the hassle of everyday life, it is hard to find the time to organize a trip. Through the use of a travel agency, customers can go about their lives without any added stress, while the agent curates every detail of an adventure.


Multiple Destinations

Looking to experience a variety of cultures on your trip? Booking through an agency can ensure that travel between multiple destinations is efficient and economical.  Agents are experienced in simplifying complex itineraries and can take the stress out of a fast-paced trip.



Travel agencies have connections in every corner of the world, so they can find the most comfortable means of travel for each customer’s budget.  Luxury hotels, airlines, and cruise lines frequently give the best discounts to travel agencies in order to keep their guest satisfaction high.


Personal Touch

While working with a travel agent, customers are able to receive personal attention that is impossible to get while booking everything online.  Agents are typically well traveled themselves and are able to provide their own recommendations for sightseeing, dining, activities, and more based on their own experiences.  After a relationship is built between the agent and the customer, the agent is able to make recommendations based on what they think the customer may enjoy.


Although online booking has found success in recent years, travelers can only get a human connection, unique discounts, and personal recommendations from a well-versed travel agent.