Active African Safaris, the Latest Vacation Trend


I have always loved African safaris. In the past, most animal viewings were done either from a Jeep or from a hotel that was perched beside a watering hole. It was wonderful, but generally sedentary. As travelers crave more active journeys, African safaris are more thrilling than ever. Couples, families and even grandparents traveling with grandchildren appreciate this new vacation trend that allows for some cardio activity while on a luxurious African safari.

Of course, you can still cover a lot of ground in a jeep or photograph giraffes and zebras from your terrace at a luxurious lodge along a river that attracts animals throughout the day and night. However, the new kinds of African safari adventures are designed for more active and adventurous travelers in mind, such as a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro and walking safaris to track black Rhinos. Hiking in the deep forests of Uganda or Rwanda offers wonderful experiences watching gorilla trekking.

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