Are you a Savvy Travel Shopper?

chandeleirCollecting too many souvenirs from your travel experiences?  No more room in your curio cabinets?

So often we get caught up in the moment when we travel and purchase trinkets and things that we think we would like to bring home.  When in Venice, why not bring home a Venetian glass chandelier or a vase?  With the abundance of beautiful colored glass in every shop window how can you not bring some home?  If not for yourself, then surely the dog sitter or your coworkers would love a piece.

The best souvenirs are the ones you can’t find near you and when you see them, you can truly imagine them in a spot in your home.  I always tell clients to bring zip lock baggies so you can bring home exotic dried spices or coffees and teas from places like Turkey or Africa.  They are legal to bring back as they are dried.  Certainly everyone needs leather from Florence or Marrakech!  With the Euro at about $1.30, buying handbags or jackets in Florence may not be such a bargain, whereas in Marrakech, that same bag would be less costly. Silk in the orient surely doesn’t weigh much, but when you buy a comforter or blanket and the sizes are wrong because you didn’t measure in centimeters, you won’t be so thrilled with your souvenir that you schlepped home!

Porcelain plates in France or Italy, umbrellas from a famous store in London all seem like great souvenirs but once you get them home, they may end up in the donation pile sooner than you anticipate.

Step back and think before you bring something home and make sure it will invoke memories of a wonderful travel experience that you can share with others, or something you really can’t find at home.

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