Exotic Honeymoons

With many couples delaying marriage into their 30’s, they have been there, done that.  Whether on spring break or family vacations, for many, sitting on a beach has lost its appeal.

I am finding more and more honeymooners choosing exotic destinations such as Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.

My favorite honeymoon suggestion is Africa. I have seen more than a 50% increase over the past 5 years in requests for exotic destinations for honeymoons from the 28+ age group than I have in the past 15 years.  Many couples have been working for ten years and have saved quite a lot (depending on school loans and career choices) and realize that they may want to start a family soon after their marriage. They are looking for an enriching experience as well as some relaxation. I plan an itinerary which includes gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda, then a couple of safari experiences followed by a few days relaxing on the coast on a beach. Gorilla trekking is very active and involves hiking.  This is a ‘bucket list’ trip for many, as it provides a new experience of the continent and culture of Africa. Who doesn’t like animals coupled with wonderful food and service? Safari lodges offer a chance to connect with the local communities and even some volunteering opportunities as well as learn from the staff about their traditions and culture.

My other favorite honeymoon destination is Southeast Asia where travelers can care for an elephant for a day, offer alms to the local monks, and bike ride through local towns where they can learn about everything from rice production to fishing from houseboats. Ending on a beach or in an overwater bungalow is a wonderful ending to a honeymoon filled with adventure and immersion in the local communities.

Many couples are also choosing destination weddings.  Most are in the Caribbean, but the more exotic ones are planned in Costa Rica as well as Tuscany and other parts of Europe. While they are in Europe, the couple then has a variety of honeymoon options as they are already in a different part of the world and can bike ride through Italy or ski in Switzerland.

Whether newlyweds want a relaxing beach vacation, an exotic wilderness adventure, or a mixture of the two, we can curate a honeymoon to be remembered.