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Now that Cuba is more accessible than ever to Americans, is there any reason not to take the short flight over to experience this unique island? Nonstop flights are available from NY, LA, and Florida. Nancy just visited Cuba for a week, and truly enjoyed her time there. Once you arrive, you can take a taxi anywhere to explore the island, and it is a real treat to ride in the old-fashioned cars. Cuba is known for its music scene and art culture, as well as its historical monuments and sights. A visit to Viñales, about 2 hours from Havana, is a must – the cigar factory and a tobacco farm are definite points of interest, as tobacco/cigars is one of their main exports.

Although Cuba itself has a true vintage feel to it, there are some lovely properties for you to choose from. The Saratoga hotel is well-located – right in town, so you can explore on your own. The junior suite category is quite nice. In Havana, they are also working on completing a 5 star property nearby that will be called “Manzana.” It will be a nice addition to the luxury option.

Cubans are a proud people, and the music performances that Nancy was able to experience at the local schools she visited were amazing. The cuisine is quite delicious – you can opt to eat in Paladars (private homes that have been converted to restaurants) or government owned restaurants. They make do with the ingredients they have, but fresh fish, chicken and beef are available along with some locally grown vegetables. Notable restaurants in Havana include Riomar Restaurant, which features succulent food overlooking the water. El Jardin de los Milagros offers a view and delicious meals in equal parts, as it is located within a beautiful garden.