Ireland, Germany, and Austria – Beautiful European Gems













Our administrative assistant, Christina, recently returned from a trip where she toured Ireland, Germany, and Austria. She especially loved the outskirts of Dublin, where she went on a day tour called the “Wild Wicklow.” On this tour, she viewed the spectacular Lough Tay lake (pictured above), wild heather and boglands, and experienced a traditional Irish pup lunch. In Dublin city itself, she experienced the centennial of the 1916 Easter Rising by visiting the GPO Witness History Museum right in the Dublin City Center. This brand new and interactive museum commemorates the events in which Dublin went to war with England to ultimately gain Ireland’s independence. She ended this museum visit with a coffee in the café, and continued on to St. Stephen’s Green for a relaxing stroll in the park. The Green was bustling with residents of Dublin and visitors alike. Her final day in Dublin was spent exploring the beautiful fishing village of Howth, which offered spectacular coastal scenery and delectable seafood. Howth is accessible via the DART rail system from Dublin. Overall, Dublin proved to have fabulous public transportation, with many stops available on the LUAS tram line.

Christina continued on to Germany from here, exploring the smaller cities of Forchheim and Bamberg before continuing on to Munich. In the Forchheim area, which is not far from Nuremberg, she hiked throughout the “Franconian Switzerland” area, which derives its name because it appears so geographically similar to Switzerland itself. In Bamberg, she viewed a cathedral, experienced a fruit and vegetable market, and enjoyed scrumptious Bavarian cuisine in the form of traditional sausage, sauerkraut, and potatoes. In Munich, she viewed the English Gardens and walked around the bustling city center.

From Munich, she took a train to Salzburg, another favorite of hers. Salzburg is a beautiful Austrian city with rich history. The house in which Mozart grew up is located right in the heart of the old village, and there is a beautiful fortress/castle called the Hohensalzburg Fortress that offers stunning views and the opportunity to learn history as far back as the year 1000. An evening in Salzburg proved to be great fun as well – a pop up beer fest with live music was a fabulous way to end the day. Salzburg is very walkable, with many of the sites located directly within the old village.