Safe Travel Tips for Overseas Travel

olem_1366x400_exterior24Stay safe and worry-free while travelling abroad with these fabulous tips:

  1. Log your travel plans with the State Department

Enrolling in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program gives the government the ability to send email alerts to a traveler about potential problems.

  1. Contact the American Embassy

Embassy information is available on the government’s travel website. Use the search box to pull up information about an individual country.

  1. Know how to contact loved ones and local authorities

If something happens, the number of people trying to make phone calls around the same time can overwhelm phone lines. Not to mention, your phone may not work abroad. Texting, social media sites like Facebook, and free messaging services – such as WhatsApp – are great alternatives.

  1.  Leave a copy of your itinerary for family members or friends

As an agency, we provide electronic copies of your itinerary. You can forward your itinerary to friends and family so they know where you are and when.

  1. Understand travel insurance policies

Your agent should inform you about the different options for travel protection.  Many do not cover an incident unless it occurs within 10 days of your departure.  Otherwise, a cancel for any reason policy is available, but does not offer a full refund, and it is more costly than a regular policy. Discuss what is best for your travels with your agent, who can inform you of all options you have to protect your travel investment.