Stunning Sweden

Photo by Sonja Stark, a professional photographer that attended the same trip as Christina

Photo by Sonja Stark, a professional photographer that attended the same trip as Christina













Imagine strolling down the streets of a city alight with decorations and colorful strings of light as far as the eye can see. There is a cozy restaurant on your right, serving succulent traditional meatballs, and your stomach growls at the divine scent wafting throughout the street. On your left, you see a bustling Christmas market, filled with excited children and parents alike as they admire the little trinkets and goodies. Our administrative assistant, Christina, just recently returned from a trip to Stockholm, Sweden where she was able to witness these lovely sights of Stockholm in all if its festive glory.

Stockholm has so much to offer visitors in every season, particularly families. The city itself is made up of 14 separate islands, and it is a very walkable city. During the summer, you can experience Midsummer, a holiday with Pagan roots that celebrates the very long hours of sunlight and the beauty of the nature in summer. During Christmas, you can experience a traditional Swedish smorgasbord, a fantastic meal with fresh fish, meatballs, bread, and more – and, but of course – schnapps. You can also view a traditional Santa Lucia performance, which is celebrated as a winter-light festival in Sweden on December 13 to commemorate St. Lucy. Rich in history, this tradition will awe visitors as they sway to the beautiful Swedish lyrics during performances.

There are over 80 museums in Stockholm, including the oldest open-air museum in the world, called Skansen. This will please any history buff travelling to Stockholm. Skansen offers a glimpse into the fascinating history of Sweden – you can almost say it’s a miniature version of Sweden, with farm life and dwellings from many years past representing how life used to be. Another fabulous museum, the Vasa, showcases a reconstructed warship (called the Vasa) that sunk after barely setting sail. The sinking of the giant ship showcases a very important piece of Swedish history and is an amazing sight to see. You feel transported back to a different time as you imagine how life once was at the time this ship was built.

Many hotels in Stockholm are situated right in the center of Stockholm, where it is a quick stroll to the world-renowned shops, restaurants, bars, markets, and more. Call us today to book a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, where you can experience beautiful sights, mouthwatering meals, and enriching Scandinavian history.