The Gift of Travel

While the holiday season is an exciting time filled with family and festivity, there is no doubt that it comes with plenty of stress.  Long lines in stores, winding through mall parking lots to find a spot, and pondering the perfect gift to get a loved one can cause quite the headache.  This year, forgo all of that stress and give your friends and family the gift of travel.

A recent study by San Francisco State University found that people find more happiness in experiences rather than material possessions.  The excitement of buying a new object fades quickly, while the excitement that comes along with a new experience lasts much longer.  Experiences also provide people with lasting memories that they can look back on fondly.  Rather than gifting someone with something that might make them happy for a short amount of time, gift them with travel, which will provide an enriching and memorable experience.

Cruise and World Travel offers gift certificates that can be used to book a trip of the recipient’s choosing.  It’s the perfect gift for grandparents whose houses are already cluttered with possessions.  A 2014 poll discovered that 78% of millennials would rather spend money on events and experiences rather than material objects, so a gift certificate is the best gift you can buy for your niece or nephew.  With a gift certificate, your mom can finally book that trip to Hawaii, or you can send your sister on an adventure in Europe.  The gift of travel is far more meaningful than any object bought in a store.