Travel Agents are Swamped with New Business!

A recent survey reveals some interesting facts about the increase in the general publics’ use of travel agents  – particularly notable in the Millennials’ age group. A staggering 34% of Millennials said that they have used a travel agent to book at least on vacation in the last year, according to MMGY’s annual survey. (this is a 20% increase from last year)

How interesting that Millennials, the first generation to grow up with the Internet at their fingertips – who innately have the ability to Google destinations and process their credit cards in mere seconds – are representing such a large percentage of those who book trips with travel agents. Could it be that Millennials know how vast the internet is and rather than pour over Google search after Google search, they would prefer to ask someone who knows the destinations inside and out? This could certainly be it – MMGY’s survey found that two of the top reasons why Millennials use travel agents include the fact that they do have such knowledge of destinations (with 83% citing this as a reason) and also the fact that they believe that the travel agent can book a trip better than they could do on their own time (with 82% in agreement of this idea). The knowledge and the connections that travel agents have are found to be worthier than the confusion that the Internet holds, according to statistics like these.

This study reveals some groundbreaking information, and it has many implications – rather than disappear due to the rise of the Internet and online booking sites, (which by the way are no longer organic, but are diluted by advertising) travel agencies have made a comeback. Many avid travelers, especially millennials, are increasingly seeing the value of booking with a travel agent to piece together their trip in a seamless fashion and with a personal touch.